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Policy Updates


Notice of Amendment(s) to PayPal Hong Kong Limited Agreement(s)

Issued: 11 August 2021


This Page

This page displays policy updates which notify users of important changes to the PayPal Hong Kong Limited User Agreement or other online agreements, policies, or statements. Please go to “Past Policy Updates” to view previous policy updates.


Upcoming Changes

We’re making changes to certain agreements (listed below) that govern your relationship with PayPal. These changes will take place automatically on the corresponding effective date(s) shown below.


Actions Needed

Please carefully review the notices below and familiarize yourself with the upcoming changes. Otherwise, no further action is needed from you. If you would prefer to decline such changes you will need to close your PayPal account prior to the applicable effective date.


Amendments to the PayPal User Agreement

Effective: 10 September 2021

  • We are revising PayPal’s Seller Protection program to clarify eligibility for certain claims involving travel tickets sold by the travel carrier.
  • We are requiring sellers to notify us of any pricing errors or discrepancies within sixty (60) days from having access to their account statement(s) or other account activity information.
  • We are clarifying the types of costs used to calculate the reasonable minimum estimate that we may recover if you engage in any restricted activities.
  • We are also clarifying the scenarios under which we may require you to provide further information or take additional steps in order to continue using your account for our compliance with anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing laws and/or our internal risk management policies.

To review the updated User Agreement, please click HERE.


Amendments to the Alternative Payment Method Agreement

Effective: 10 September 2021

  • We have added a section outlining the types of transactions and activities that are prohibited in relation to your use of an Alternative Payment Method.


Amendments to the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy

Effective: 10 September 2021

  • We require you to provide a representation and warranty that you have obtained the requisite licences and approvals in order to conduct your activities for which you have engaged our PayPal services.
  • We are revising the policy to clarify that violations may subject you to damages. We are also expanding the existing list of prohibited activities and clarifying the commercial activities requiring pre-approval.


Amendments to the PayPal Alternative Payment Methods Agreement
  • We are revising the Agreement to prohibit acceptance of payments for certain goods and services.