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Changes to PayPal Legal Agreements

Effective date: 23 September 2019

We’re updating the PayPal Hong Kong User Agreement.

The changes are set out in more detail below and will be effective from 23 September 2019. By continuing to use your PayPal account from the effective date, you’re agreeing to the changes. If you do not agree to the changes, you must close your PayPal account or cease using the PayPal Services prior to the effective date.

We’re making the following substantive changes to the “Currency Conversion” section of Clause 4 of Exhibit A Fees in the User Agreement:

  • We are updating the fee for currency conversion charged when receiving payments (including Mass Payments or Payouts), withdrawing funds to your local bank account (if your PayPal balance is held in a currency other than your local currency), adding funds from a bank account to your PayPal Account or when transferring funds between your PayPal balances held in different currencies (as applicable).
  • We are updating the fee for currency conversion charged when sending a personal or a commercial payment or receiving a refund beyond 1 day of the date of the original payment.

To review the updated User Agreement, please Click Here.