Travel Cancellation Protection Programme is being discontinued

Even though our Travel Cancellation Protection* Programme is being discontinued, your coverage is still valid until its expiration. If you have not already made any claims under the Programme, you may still be eligible for coverage of up to HK$3,500 on travel cancellation claims.*

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*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

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A reminder for those who previously activated the coverage:

To benefit from your Travel Cancellation Protection*, remember to pay for all your travel bookings with PayPal.

What's covered:

  • Non-refundable costs such as
    • Transportation costs (such as car rentals, trains, buses and flights)
    • Accommodation costs (such as hotel rooms and Airbnb)
    • Entertainment or excursion tickets included in a trip

What isn't covered*:

  • A simple change of mind about a trip
  • Expenses not paid for with PayPal
  • A travel agent's cancellation fee

When can you make a claim?

If you’ve previously activated coverage, your coverage is still in effect, and you have not already made a claim, you can make a claim within 30 days of the event triggering your cancellation.

Examples of valid reasons for cancellation:

  • Serious illness/injury of the insured party and his or her travelling companion
  • Death of a family member of the insured
  • Theft of passport
  • New employment contract or dismissal
  • Damage to the insured's principal residence from fire, flood or similar natural disaster
  • The insured party sustains an accident personally on the way to the airport
  • Divorce or separation of the insured party
  • Any other cause of force majeure not excluded (see general conditions)

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*Travel Cancellation Protection (“Cover”) is subject to terms, conditions and exclusions, as detailed in the coverage summary previously provided to you. Additional details can be found at here.

The Cover is no longer available for activation or renewal. Accountholders who previously activated may use the cover until its expiration.

PayPal is working with Aon Hong Kong Ltd as insurance broker and Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited as insurer. Aon Hong Kong Ltd is a member of the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers. Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited is licensed in Hong Kong under number 0557477 and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Hong Kong.