Planning your next holiday?

Pay for your trip with PayPal and enjoy free travel cancellation protection if something goes wrong and you need to cancel your trip. You can enjoy up to HK$3,500 in reimbursements on pre-paid transport, accommodation and other non-refundable costs.*

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Protection for when life intervenes

When you’re going on holiday you should be planning for adventures, not cancellations. Activate your free travel cancellation protection to help cover you from unforeseen mishaps.

What's covered

You can claim up to HK$3,500 for your portion of:

• Transport costs (like car rental, trains, buses and flights)
• Accommodation costs (like hotel rooms, Airbnb and bed and breakfasts)
• Entertainment or excursion tickets that were part of a trip

But not:

• Simply changing your mind about a trip
• Expenses not paid for with PayPal
• A travel agent’s cancellation fee

When can you claim?

You can claim on Travel Cancellation Protection if you need to cancel your holiday because:

• You fall ill or have an accidental injury which renders you unfit to travel

• There’s a fire, flood or burglary at your home.

• A family member unexpectedly passes away.

• Your passport is stolen.

• You have a new employment contract or you are dismissed.

• You sustain an accident personally on the way to the airport.

• Any other cause of force majeure not excluded (see general conditions).

Travelling with friends & family?

Ask them to activate too. If they have a Hong Kong PayPal account and have activated Travel Cancellation Protection, the portion of their own travel costs can be reimbursed too, up to HK$3,500 in one claim each year.

Make your holidays memorable for the right reasons

Activate Travel Cancellation Protection

*Travel Cancellation Protection (the cover) is subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. PayPal customers get access to the cover when they meet the activation and eligibility requirements. Before deciding whether this product is right for you, it is important that you read the terms and conditions carefully to consider whether the insurance meets your needs. Aon, Chubb and PayPal do not provide advice about the cover. PayPal is working with Aon Hong Kong Ltd as insurance broker and Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited as insurer.