Getting started with PayPal for your business.

Get a PayPal Business account and make full use of our various PayPal solutions to accept more forms of payments.

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Get a PayPal Business account and make full use of our various PayPal solutions to accept more forms of payments.

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Sign up for a PayPal Business account

Whether you are an individual business owner or a corporation, it’s easy to sign up for a Business account and start receiving payments by providing some basic information:

  • Your email address
  • Basic details of your business
  • Bank account holder’s information

After signing up, remember to confirm your email address to activate your account in order to receive payments.

Link and verify

Link and verify your bank account

Withdraw the payments you receive and remove the withdrawal limit by linking and verifying your bank account.

  • Log in to your PayPal Business Account
  • Click on the Money tab and then Link a Bank Account
  • Enter your bank account information
  • We’ll deposit 2 small amounts (less than $1 USD equivalent) into your bank account. When you see these deposits in your account, enter the 2 amounts into the verification section of your PayPal account.

Choose a payment

Choose a payment solution that fits your business needs

I want toPayment solutions
Start accepting payments online

If you’re thinking of starting an online store, PayPal comes pre-integrated with many popular shopping carts. You can also build a custom eCommerce site with the help of our partners.

Website payment solutions

Accept payments without a website

If you provide services, distribute or export goods, or sell on social media platforms, you can send a payment request or invoice through email to collect payment online without the need for a website. Your customers can pay you with their credit card, debit card or bank account.

Email invoices

Accept payments on marketplaces

If you’d like to get up and running quickly without having to set up a website, start using PayPal straightaway on marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy.

Get paid on a marketplace

Get paid with PayPal.Me link.

Share your link with customers over email, instant messenger, through social media or anywhere else, as a quicker and easier way to get paid.

Get paid with PayPal.Me

Become a PayPal certified partner

If you’re an eCommerce service provider with web hosting, web development, shopping cart solutions or programming support, and would like to integrate PayPal into your solutions, you can become our certified partner

PayPal Partner Program

Withdraw funds

Withdrawing funds

Transfer funds easily from your PayPal account to your bank account.
PayPal supports withdrawals to major banks in Hong Kong SAR and the United States.

More details on withdrawals.

Withdrawal method and currencyDurationFees
Withdrawing to bank account in Hong Kong SAR (Receive in HKD)3-6 business daysFree if $1,000 HKD or more is withdrawn. $3.50 HKD per withdrawal if less than $1,000 HKD is withdrawn
Withdrawing to bank account in the US (Receive in USD)3-4 business days2.5% withdrawal fee1

Straightforward pricing.

When you sell with PayPal, there are no surprises. We charge fixed rates based on how much you sell and where your customers are located.

More about seller fees

Helpful resources.

Useful resources

PayPal Business Hub

Find everything you need to get started with your PayPal Business account.

Developer Centre

Information about our APIs and instructions for completing test transactions.


Better business begins with PayPal.