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Refunds for incorrect orders

Refunds for incorrect orders

If your order doesn’t match the seller’s description or doesn’t arrive, Our Buyer Protection policy will reimburse you for the full purchase price of the eligible item plus shipping costs.
Send purchases back

Send purchases back

If you’ve changed your mind about a purchase and want to send it back, PayPal Refunded Returns service will refund your shipping costs, for up to $20 USD each time.
Keep earning card reward points

Keep earning card reward points

Link your local credit or debit card and continue earning reward points the same way you do when shopping offline.
No transaction fee when you shop

No transaction fee when you shop

You don’t need to pay a transaction fee when you shop with PayPal. If it’s a different currency, a small conversion fee applies.

How PayPal works.

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Enjoy your purchase.

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Check out with PayPal and complete your payment using only your email address and password. Transactions are handled securely and the online store never gets access to your details.

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If you collect payments regularly, use a PayPal business account to customise payment solutions and get paid quickly.

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