Why did I get result code 5?

PayPal presented result code 5 - Error: Invalid merchant information.

You may receive this result code for any of the following reasons:

  • Your processor has deactivated your account.
  • The processor information on your account is invalid.
  • Global Payments Central (MAPP) merchants: Global Payments doesn't have your account configured for the card type being used, or you've been set up as Host-based instead of terminal-based.
  • Your PayPal Sandbox account isn't a Business Pro account.

Here are ways to resolve this issue:

Deactivated account
Contact your merchant bank to verify that your account is still active with both the bank and the processor.

Invalid account information
Verify your account and processor information. Next, contact Payflow Support by phone at 1-888-883-9770 or by email at payflow-support@paypal.com to correct the account information if necessary.

Global Payments, card type not set up
Contact your merchant bank and ask to have the card type used added to your account. If the card type has been added, then contact Global Payments Central (MAPP) to confirm that your account is set up for terminal-based transactions.

Email address not confirmed on PayPal account
If PayPal is your processor, check that the email address on your PayPal account is confirmed.

Sandbox Business Pro account
If you use PayPal Payments Pro, ensure that your PayPal Sandbox account is a Business Pro account. See Step 9 under How do I create a Sandbox test account?