Why did I get result code 12 (TSYS platform)?

PayPal presented result code 12 - Declined.

Multiple issues, explained in the next few paragraphs, can produce this result code:

  • The amount of the transaction exceeds the available credit on the credit card.
  • The processor account information is incorrect.
  • The card-issuing bank requests that the card be held.
  • The credit card being used isn't valid or is for a closed account.
  • An unknown issue exists at TSYS.

There are several ways to resolve this issue.
Amount exceeds available credit
If the available credit on the credit card is less than the amount of the transaction, your customer must contact their credit card company to request a higher credit limit.
Processor account information is incorrect or receiving a response of "INVALID TERM ID" or "FAILURE HV" or "FAILURE CV"
The TSYS account information on file with PayPal or at TSYS may be incorrect, or your merchant bank may have terminated your account. Contact your merchant bank to verify that your account is still active and your account information at TSYS is correct. You can contact TSYS at 1-800-946-4691, but you may be charged a service fee if you contact them directly. Once you've verified your account, contact Payflow Support at 1-888-883-9770 or Payflow-support@paypal.com to request that your processor account information be updated.  
Processor account information appears correct and generates a response of "SERV NOT ALLOWED"
Verify the correct market segment for the account in question. All new accounts should default to a market segment value of "E" or "I," but this may not be appropriate for the specific account. If the account should instead be "D" (Direct) or "R" (Retail), contact Payflow Support and ask them to change the market segment to the appropriate value.
Card-issuing bank requested the card be held, receiving a response of "HOLD-CALL or PICK UP CARD"
The card-issuing bank has requested to obtain (hold) the card and destroy it. This can occur for various reasons, for instance if the card was reported lost or stolen or the account was closed. This is the same as a "Do Not Honor" response. If the transaction isn't a card-present transaction, treat this as a declined transaction.  
Credit card being used is invalid or closed, receiving a response "NO ACCOUNT" or "NO SUCH ISSUER"
Either the customer typed in the wrong credit card number or the account has been closed. Verify the card number typed in if possible, or request a new form of payment.
An unknown issue at TSYS received a response of "ERROR xxxx" or "RE ENTER"
Try to resend the transaction again for authorization. Because the issue is with TSYS, contact your merchant bank or TSYS at 1-800-946-4691 with the error code being returned. Make sure that your account is set up properly to process with PayPal and that the account information given to you from your merchant bank is correct. The common Host Codes (HOSTCODE) that TSYS can return during processing are as follows: (Format is: Host Code - Authorization Response Text, Response Definition)
  • 03 - TERM ID ERROR, Invalid merchant ID
  • 04 - HOLD-CALL or PICK UP CARD, Pick up card
  • 05 - DECLINE, Do not honor
  • 06 - ERROR XXXX, General error
  • 15 - NO SUCH ISSUER, No such issuer
  • 19 - RE ENTER, Re-enter transaction
  • 51 - DECLINE, Insufficient funds
  • 54 - EXPIRED CARD, Expired card
  • 61 - DECLINE, Exceeds withdrawal limits  

FAILURE VM is an error that may happen on TSYS and TSYS related processor. It indicates exceeded Daily Auth Count.

On the "first page" of the TSYS "MMS file," underneath the address, city, state, ZIP code, category code, and email address, there is another line called "Daily auth count." This number should always be set to ZERO. Contact the processor to resolve this issue.

Note: To get the Authorization Response Text (RESPTEXT) from the processor, you must set VERBOSITY on your account to medium.

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