Why did I get API error code 10006?

PayPal returned API error code 10006 - Version is not supported.

Several configuration errors can cause a 10006 error. For example, the namespace may not be properly set in the Version element of your SOAP request.

In the outgoing API request, if your Version element looks like this:


Try changing it to this (namespace added):

    <Version xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">60</Version>

If this doesn't fix the problem, there may be a mismatch between the WSDL endpoint processing the request and the stub classes used to call the API. This means that PayPal has updated its Web Services Description Language (WSDL), and that you're using classes based on an old WSDL. To fix this, update your stub classes. The easiest way to do this is to download the latest version of the SDK and update your libraries.

If you don't want to download the SDK, here's how to update your current version:

  1. Right-click this link to PayPal's WSDL and select Save As to download the latest version of the WSDL.
  2. Copy it into the appropriate folder. (Java: src\wsdl, .NET: base\src\resources)
  3. Run an update command from the base of the SDK installation (Java command: ant update, .NET command: nant update). If the update runs successfully, you'll have a new version of the PayPal libraries containing updated classes to use with the new WSDL.
Your source code may need updating to reflect the addition, modification, or removal of operation parameters.

For the latest information on WSDL files and integration documentation, see PayPal SOAP API Basics.