Where can I find SSL certificates for PayPal Live API servers?

The following SSL certificates are currently valid for Live PayPal servers.

Warning: These SSL certificates are for use with legacy implementations ONLY. Do NOT download or install these certificates unless your integration requires an X.509 leaf certificate in your trust store.
Endpoint SSL Certificate Encoding Expiration Date
api.paypal.com api.paypal.com_SHA-2_08162019.pem SHA-256 August 16, 2019
svcs.paypal.com svcs.paypal.com_SHA-2_08132019.pem SHA-256 August 13, 2019
api-aa.paypal.com api-aa.paypal.com_SHA-2_09102019.pem SHA-256 September 10, 2019
api-3t.paypal.com api-3t.paypal.com_SHA-2_09102019.pem SHA-256 September 10, 2019
api-aa-3t.paypal.com api-aa-3t.paypal.com_SHA-2_09102019.pem SHA-256 September 10, 2019
pointofsale.paypal.com pointofsale.paypal.com_SHA-2_07192019.pem SHA-256 July 19, 2019
posprivate.paypal.com posprivate.paypal.com_SHA-2_07192019.pem SHA-256 July 19, 2019

Note: For PayPal Sandbox SSL certificates, see Where can I find SSL certificates for PayPal Sandbox API servers?