What is two-factor authentication?

More customers in Hong Kong will now be asked to confirm their identity when they log into their PayPal account. Known as two-factor authentication, this measure helps reduce unauthorised use of PayPal accounts.
Two-factor authentication uses a combination of two factors to confirm a user's identity. In addition to your password (something you know), we'll use a second factor to confirm your identity, for example, a possession factor (something you have such as your device) or an inherence factor (something you are such as your fingerprint).

Q1. What changes will I see when using PayPal?
Most of the time you'll log in to your PayPal account by entering your email address and your PayPal password as usual. We may then ask you to confirm your identity. You'll have the option to enter a one-time passcode which we will send by SMS to the phone number you've registered with us; or via a phone call; or via email; or via the PayPal App. The process is easy to follow and can be completed in seconds.

Q2. What do I need to do?
Check that your current telephone (mobile and/or landline) number is correct in your PayPal account Profile. If we need to ask you for a one-time passcode we can send it by SMS to your mobile phone number or via a phone call.
For easy authentication, you can also download the PayPal app. If we need to confirm your identity, you can open the PayPal App to provide confirmation.

Q3. When will I need to enter this code? Do I need to do it every time I log in or pay?
Most of the time, we'll be able to confirm your identity using the PayPal password you’ve typed and the device you're using (if it’s one of your usual devices). From time to time, a one-time passcode or authentication via the PayPal app may be required to log in, however this won't apply when you're in the process of making a payment.

Q4. Where can I get this additional code? Isn’t it the same as my PayPal password?
No, the one-time passcode isn't the same as your PayPal password. We'll send you a one-time passcode by SMS, via a phone call, or via email each time we need a stronger verification of your identity. It’s important that you keep your phone details up to date in your PayPal account Profile to make sure this can work.
For easier authentication, download the PayPal app. If we need to confirm your identity, you can open the PayPal App to provide confirmation without a one-time passcode.

Q5. I’ve already enabled 2-step verification on my PayPal account, will I see changes?
If you have already enabled 2-step verification on your PayPal account, you won't see any changes when logging into your account. However, if you decide to disable 2-step verification, please make sure you have an up-to-date phone number in your Profile before you do so.

Q6. I don’t have a mobile or direct landline number to link to my PayPal account. Is there another way to verify my identity when logging in?
PayPal offers multiple options to confirm your identity, including sending you an email. Alternatively, you can use an authenticator app by activating the 2-step verification in your PayPal account.

Q7. What is an Authenticator App?
An Authenticator App generates a one-time passcode that you can use to sign in along with your password when you log in. To use an authenticator app, you first need to enable 2-step verification in your PayPal account. After you download the authenticator app to your phone or desktop, scan the QR code displayed to link it with your PayPal account. Once set up, the authenticator app will provide a one-time passcode that changes periodically.

Q8. How can I complete the security check?