What is the XML Reporting API?

Reporting overview
The Reporting API is an API that you can use to automate your report queries. It enables you to programmatically query the reporting database in XML.

PayPal Manager is also a client of the Reporting API. Everything that Manager can do with reports is available to you through API calls. You can, for example, ask that a particular report be run within a specified date range. The response returns all the data that the report generates. The reporting engine encapsulates the information in all the Payflow Pro services reports. You can store this information in your local database and use it as needed.

Operations you can perform using the XML Reporting API
The Reporting API enables you to do the following:
  • Manage report templates.
  • Run reports on demand by report or report template name.
  • Obtain information about reports.
  • Manage report template schedules.
  • Perform searches.
Managing report templates
You may want to create report templates based on the reports that are supported. A report template lets you create an instance of a report. With this instance, you provide a list of parameters. Report templates are handy when you find that you often need to look up reports based on the same criteria. You provide the parameters and values once, and the Reporting API saves this information with the report template. When you run the report template, you don't need to provide the parameters a second time.

Report template management lets you perform these tasks:
  • Create report templates.
  • Query report templates in the database.
  • Retrieve report templates from the database.
  • Update report templates.
  • Delete report templates.
Running reports by report template name or report name
You can run reports and report templates. To run a report or report template, you submit a runReportRequest, passing in the respective report name or report template name. You can also pass in additional parameters with a request.
Obtaining information about reports
You can obtain the following information about reports:
  • Create report templates.
  • Report status.
  • Report results.
Managing report template schedules
You can create, update, and delete report template schedules.
Performing searches
You can search for payment transaction data based on search names such as:
  • FraudTransactionSearch
  • OrderIDSearch
  • PayPalTransactionIDSearch
  • PayPalEmailSearch
  • PayPalNameSearch
  • TransactionIDSearch
  • BatchIDSearch
  • AccountNumberSearch
  • CommentSearch
  • AccountNumberRefSearch
  • PurchaseOrderSearch
  • RecurringBillingProfileIDSearch
  • RecurringBillingProfileNameSearch
  • RecurringBillingAccountNumberSearch
  • RecurringBillingCommentSearch
  • RecurringBillingAmountSearch
URLs for running applications
Use the following UPLs to run applications:  
Using report templates
Report templates are run like any standard report. You can also schedule them to run daily, weekly, or monthly; and you can update or delete report template schedules.

For more information on the XML Reporting API, see the Payflow Gateway Reporting Developer Guide.