What information about PayPal Here should I include in my support ticket?

When submitting a support ticket concerning PayPal Here, it's important to provide as much detailed information as possible. The more details you provide describing your question or problem, the more quickly we can pinpoint the specifics of your issue and respond. The information in your support ticket should include:

  1. Phone type - Be as specific as possible; for example, Android Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6, etc.
  2. Phone operating system - Be as specific as possible; for example, Android 5.0.1, iOS 6.1.6, etc.
  3. Transaction date and time - Specify the date and time, including the time zone, as precisely as possible.
  4. Error details - For example:
  • What was the error message?
  • If there was no error message, what did the app do? For example:
  • The screen went blank.
  • The app locked up.
  • Any other description of what occurred.
  • When in the flow of the transaction did the error occur? For example:
  • When you plugged in the card reader.
  • When you tried to open the PayPal Here app.
  • When you tried to log on.
  • When you swiped the card.
  • When the customer tried to sign.
  • Before, during, or after any specific page of the PayPal Here app.
  • Any other details that describe what was occurring when the error occurred.

When you report an error or look for information on a successfully completed transaction, the more information you can provide, the fewer questions we'll have to ask you before we can move forward with resolving your issue or question.