What are PayPal disputes and claims?

What is a dispute?

A buyer can file a dispute in the Resolution Centre within 180 days of purchase if the item ordered doesn’t arrive or is significantly different from the seller’s item description. The buyer will be able to communicate the issue with the seller on a message board within the case. For example, the buyer can request a refund, return the item, and/or ask the seller to re-ship the item.

The seller will be notified of the dispute, and they should respond to the dispute and actively resolve the problem with the buyer. If the seller issues a full refund through the case, the case will be closed automatically. The buyer can also mark the case as resolved anytime if the issue is resolved to their satisfaction.

With a dispute, PayPal doesn’t get involved or decide the outcome.

What is a claim?

If the buyer and seller can’t reach an agreement on a dispute, either of them can escalate the dispute to a claim any time within 20 days of the date the dispute was opened. By escalating a dispute to a claim, they're asking PayPal to investigate the case and decide the outcome based on evidence supplied by the both parties.

A dispute that is not escalated to a claim within 20 days will close automatically.

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