How do I void a transaction on Payflow Pro or keep it from settling?

About voided transactions
A void prevents a transaction from being settled, but it doesn't guarantee a release of the authorization (hold on funds) on the cardholder's account. The funds will be automatically released within three to 30 days depending on the cardholder's bank. You can void all unsettled transaction types except a void. If the transaction has already settled, or if you process on a host-based processor, such as Global Payments Central, PayPal, PayPal Australia, Moneris, Litle, Telecheck 2 or Planet Payment, you must issue a credit.

To void a previous transaction, use one of the methods this page describes.

  • In all of these methods, once the transactions are processed, the results appear on screen with the new Transaction IDs for the voided transactions.
  • Once a void is processed, it can't be reversed. You must issue a new authorization or sale by using a "New Reference Transaction."  

Voiding multiple transactions
Use Multiple Transactions to void multiple transactions before settlement.
  1. Log in to your PayPal Manager account.
  2. Click Virtual Terminal.
  3. Click Multiple Transactions.
  4. Select Voids under Transaction Type.
  5. Select a Date Range to search for transactions you want to void.
  6. Click Submit to display the results.
  7. Select the transactions you wish to void by placing a check mark in the box.
  8. Click Void.  

Voiding single transactions
Use Manual Transactions to void a single transaction and authorizations.
  1. Log in to your PayPal Manager account.
  2. Click Virtual Terminal.
  3. Click Single Transaction.
  4. Select Void under Transaction Type.
  5. Enter the Original Transaction ID (Original Trans ID) or Order ID (CyberCash merchants) for the transaction to be voided.
  6. Click Submit.  

Payflow Pro API
Use the Payflow Pro API to void a transaction via your website or application.
  1. Set the TRXTYPE (transaction type) variable to a "V."
  2. Set the ORIGID with the PNREF (Transaction ID) value returned from the original transaction as shown in the following example, which will void transaction "PA0102000000":
    "TRXTYPE=V&TENDER=C&PARTNER=partner ID or VeriSign&VENDOR=login&USER=login&PWD=password&ORIGID=PA0102000000"

Payflow Link
Because of the limited security of an HTML form post, PayPal doesn't allow voids to be issued via the Payflow Link web interface. Use either Auto Void or Manual Transaction.

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