How do I integrate Payments Advanced with E-junkie?

Configuring PayPal Manager 

Here's how:

  1. Log in to your PayPal Manager account.
  2. Select Service Settings > Setup.
  3. Configure the following settings:
  • Transaction Process Mode - Set to Live.
  • Display options on payment page (in the Enter Error URL field) - Paste your website's homepage URL. (Although this field is required, the E-junkie cart overrides this when it sends each order to checkout.)
  • Payment Confirmation (in the Enter Return URL field) - Paste your website's homepage URL.
  • Silent Post for Data Transfer - Set Use Silent Post to YES and select Void transaction when my server fails to receive data sent by the silent post.
  • Security Options - Set Enable Secure Token to YES.
  1. Click Save Changes.
  2. Click Customize under Hosted Checkout Pages, then click Layout C.
  3. Click Save and Publish.
  4. If a cart-based Manager USER account hasn't been created, do so now.
Configuring E-Junkie
  1. Log in to your E-junkie admin panel.
  2. Select Edit Profile under Manage Your Seller Account.
  3. While in your profile, do the following:
  • Check the Sell with PayPal box.
  • Enter your PayPal email address in the PayPal Email field.
  • Configure the Accept Credit cards option.
  • Select PayPal Payments Advanced from the drop-down menu.
  1. Fill in the PayPal Manager Gateway Credentials:
  • Partner - Enter your Manager Partner (PayPal for United States or PayPalCA for Canada).
  • Merchant Login - Enter your Merchant or Vendor Login ID.
  • User - Enter your created User account.
  • Password - Enter your USER Password (if not using USER, enter your Vendor or Manager Password).
  • Click Submit.
  1. Click Edit Preferences.
  2. Edit the Payment Preferences options:
  • Payment Action - Select Authorize only. Uncheck the box for Sale.
  • Phone number is required - Check the box if this applies. If this box is checked, you must configure the setting in your PayPal account.
  • Wait for pending payments to clear before processing - Check this to automatically process transactions once payment is completed.
  1. Click Submit.

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