How do I get paid with PayPal.Me?

Getting paid is easy. You can share your PayPal.Me link with others through text message, email or social media. They can then click or type in your link and pay you.

Who can I request payments from?
As long as PayPal.Me is available in their country/region, anyone can send you a payment through your PayPal.Me link, and even set up their own PayPal account if they need to. 

Does it cost me anything to receive payments?
If the person paying you opts for PayPal Buyer Protection – the payment is a “Goods and Services” payment. That means you’ll pay the PayPal fee. Please check our fees page for the fee rates.

When I get paid using PayPal.Me, where does the payment go?
As soon as you receive a payment, it goes into your PayPal balance. You can use the funds to do your shopping online, or withdraw them to a bank account you've linked to PayPal.

Can I send more than one request at a time?
Yes, there’s no limit on how many requests you can send.

How do I request a specific amount from my customer?
Just add the amount you want to request to the end of your PayPal.Me link. For example, if the primary currency of your PayPal account is HKD, you can request 25 HKD by adding 25 to your PayPal.Me link, for example PayPal.Me/JohnSmith/25. If you want to change your primary currency, please visit PayPal Balance and click Manage currencies.

To request a specific amount in a different currency, you can add the currency code to the amount. For example, if you want your customer to pay you 25 Australian Dollars, you can customise your link, such as PayPal.Me/JohnSmith/25AUD.

Note: Some countries have limits on the currencies that can be sent. Please check with the senders if they can pay you in the currency you want.