How do I manage my PayPal contacts in the address book?

Your PayPal account keeps a record of the people that you had transaction with. You can manage your contacts in the address book, view your recent transactions with every contact person, and initiate a new transaction with your contacts easily. You can also import contact persons from your email accounts to make it easier to send or request payments in the future.

Here's how to add, edit, and delete contacts from your PayPal address book:

  1. Click More under "Send & Request".
  2. Click Create an invoice.
  3. Click Address book under "Settings".
  4. To update an existing contact, select the contact name and then click Edit or Delete contact.
  5. To add new contacts to your address book, click Add new contact.
Here's how to view your transaction history with top contacts, initiate a new transaction, or import new contacts:
  1. Click Contacts under "Send & Request".
  2. Click on the contact names to view your recent interactions, or initiate a new payment or request.
  3. To import new contacts from your email accounts, just click +Import contacts and follow the instructions.