Why is my account limited (Seller)?

Reasons for Account Limitations as a seller
Your account could be limited in order to comply with regulatory requirements or PayPal Acceptable Use Policy For example, selling banned items such as prescription drugs or guns.

Another reason why your account could be limited is seller performance indicating your account is high risk. For example, receiving an unusually high number of claims and chargebacks from your buyers is an indication of poor seller performance. If you start selling an entirely new type of product, such as a higher-cost item like jewelry, or if your typical sales volume increases rapidly, your account may be limited while we do a review.
Improve your seller performance
Following some simple guidelines can help you improve your performance and reduce the likelihood of limitations. Overall, communication and information are important.
You should:

  • Provide photos and detailed product descriptions.
  • Be upfront about policies such as shipping and returns.
  • Ship orders promptly and track shipments.
  • Respond quickly to any messages from buyers.
  • Work to amicably resolve any problems.
  • Ship to the address provided in the transaction details page.
  • Use quality shipping materials to prevent damage.
How a Limitation impacts your account
If your account is limited, you’ll most likely be unable to send or withdraw money, and you might also find that you can’t accept payments. You can usually fix this by visiting the Resolution Centre and complete the required steps.