What is the Message Centre in my PayPal account?

What is the Message Centre?

The Message Centre is a secure mailbox inside your PayPal account where you can view email messages between you and PayPal. This way, you can trust that the emails you receive are genuinely from us. You can also send emails to PayPal from the Message Centre.

Note: At this time, not all PayPal email communications are sent through the Message Centre. Click to learn if an email you received is from PayPal.

How does the Message Centre work?

Whenever you have a reply from us, we'll send a prompt to your email inbox. You can check the Message Centre using either web browsers or the mobile app.

When you reply to us through the Message Centre, you’ll be able to upload files if needed.

Messages in the Message Centre are available for 90 days from the day when they were originally sent. If you would like a copy of any messages older than 90 days, please contact us.