Why is my PayPal account limited? (Buyer)

Reasons for account limitations as a buyer
There are many reasons why your account could be limited. For instance, if we suspect someone else could be using your account, or your credit or debit card provider alerts us that there was an unauthorised charge, we’ll limit it for your protection and investigate the fraudulent activity. Learn more about account limitations.
When your account access is limited, you may not be able to use certain features with your PayPal account, such as sending or withdrawing funds. But don’t worry, it’s usually fairly simple to remove an account limitation. Just visit the Resolution Centre and click Go to Account Limitations to see the actions you should take.
Guard your information to help prevent account limitations
We'll never ask you to share sensitive personal information through email, nor ask you to download and install any software. If you receive a suspicious email pretending to be from PayPal, please forward it to spoof@paypal.com and delete it from your inbox.

When you receive a PayPal email about your transaction or a limitation, you can always log in to your PayPal account to verify your recent activities. If you see an unfamiliar transaction in your account, report it in the Resolution Centre and change your password immediately.

For additional online security, please use strong passwords for your PayPal account. Passwords should be long and contain a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. Never share your password with anyone and don’t use the same password for your emails or other online service providers. You should also protect your computer with anti-malware software to keep viruses and spyware from infecting your machine. Learn more about how to stay safe online and protect your PayPal account.

If you’re selling with PayPal, you may want to know more about limitation reasons and how to avoid limitations.