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What are the differences between Express Checkout Braintree Direct and standard NVP/SOAP integrations?

Features NVP/SOAP Integration Braintree Direct Integration Major Difference
Accept PayPal on web, mobile web, and mobile apps with a single integration.  
  • NVP/SOAP enables a consistent experience across web and mobile web.
  • Braintree Direct enables a consistent experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as in mobile apps on iOS and Android devices.
Accept multiple payment methods with a single integration.  
  • Braintree Direct enables multiple payment types - credit/debit, PayPal, Apple Pay, nd Android Pay. Note: A Braintree merchant account is required to add payment methods beyond PayPal.
Accept PayPal payments.
  • With Braintree Direct, PayPal payments can be implemented as part of a complete payments solution (including credit cards and other payment methods) or as an Express Checkout-only via Braintreee SDK Integration.(Braintree merchant account not required).
  • With NVP/SOAP, native mobile apps Integration is not available.
Add a PayPal shortcut.  
Add PayPal as a payment option.
  • Add the PayPal mark alongside other cards and payment methods in the checkout flow.
PayPal Wallet features supported  
Keep buyers on your site. ✔*
  • Braintree Direct includes in-context experience.
  • With NVP/SOAP the in-context experience is recommended but optional.

* Note: With the in-context option.
PayPal One Touch Checkout
  • New Express Checkout experiences (not Classic).
Enable Guest Checkout.
  • With Braintree Direct, you can enable Guest Checkout or signup at the merchant account level.
  • NVP/SOAP controls Guest Checkout at the transaction level; that is, different websites using the same merchant account can display Guest Checkout or not.
Support for pre-approved PayPal payments ✔* ✔*
  • Braintree Direct supports pre-approved payments between merchants and customers for PayPal transactions.
* Note: The use of pre-approved payments requires vetting by PayPal. This is included with the Braintree complete payment solution, but would be an additional step for Express Checkout-only via Braintree SDK integrations.
Simplified PCI compliance  
Seller protection  
World-class service  
Automated on-boarding  

View Express Checkout - Braintree Direct and standard NVP integration demos and download code samples on the PayPal Demo Portal.
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