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What are Smart Payment Buttons in Express Checkout?

Express Checkout’s Smart Payment Buttons feature gives merchants a variety of ways to customize payment buttons on the checkout page.

With Smart Payment Buttons, you can choose:
  • The size, color, and shape of not just your PayPal checkout button, but also buttons for other, multiple alternative payment methods such as PayPal Credit, Venmo, and local funding sources.
  • The language that appears on the buttons (determined by one of 23 locales you can select).
  • The button layout you prefer: horizontal or vertical.
Based on your specific configuration and a buyer's location and cookies, Express Checkout dynamically presents the appropriate funding sources to give your buyers more ways to pay.

PayPal’s Developer Portal offers interactive demos to help you create and test your payment buttons. You can edit the code in the demo to try out different button styles, layouts, and optional button features.

You can upgrade to Smart Payment Buttons easily without revising your entire existing Express Checkout integration. To learn how to customize your site’s payment buttons and configure the layout of multiple payment buttons, see Customize the PayPal button. For specific instructions on implementing Smart Payment Buttons, see Multiple button layout.

Additional information
  • Smart Payment Buttons are available for the PayPal Credit second button.
  • All checkout experiences via Smart Payment Buttons are in-context.
  • Smart Payment Buttons are available via Braintree through the PayPal Checkout Component.

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