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How do I integrate Payments Advanced with Magento Community Edition

When you integrate Payments Advanced with Magento Community Edition, you can host a checkout in a frame so customers paying with their credit card can do so on your site. Customers paying with their own PayPal account are sent to the PayPal site to log in and confirm the payment, and then are returned to your site.

Here's how to integrate Magento Community Edition with PayPal Payments Advanced:
  1. Log in to your Magento admin panel.
  2. Select System > Configuration.
  3. Click Payment Methods under Sales in the Configuration column.
  4. Select Merchant Country then the country where your business is located (In the Merchant Location section).
  5. Click Configure next to PayPal Payments Advanced (Includes Express Checkout) In the PayPal All-in-One Payment Solutions section.
  6. Fill out the fields in the Required PayPal Settings section.

Under Payments Advanced:
  • Partner - Enter PayPal.
  • Vendor - Enter the merchant ID that you use to log in to PayPal Manager.
  • User - Enter the ID of an additional user set up on your PayPal Manager account.
  • Password - Enter the password associated with the user ID.
  • Test Mode - Select No.
  • Proxy - Select No.
Under Express Checkout:
  • Email Address associated with your PayPal merchant account - Type your email address.
  • API Authentication Methods - Select API Signature or API Certificate.
  • Get Credentials from PayPal - Click the button and a pop-up window appears. Log in to your PayPal account to display the API username, password, and signature. Copy and paste those credentials into their respective fields.
  • Sandbox Mode - Select No.
  • API Uses Proxy - Select No.
  • Enable this Solution - Select Yes.
Under Basic Settings - PayPal Payments Advanced:
  • Title - Enter a title for this payment action.
  • Sort Order - Set to 0.
  • Payment Action - Select Authorization or Sale.

Under Basic Settings - PayPal Express Checkout:
  • Title - Enter a title for this payment action.
  • Sort Order - Set to 0.
  • Payment Action - Select Authorization or Sale.
  • Shortcut on Shopping Cart - Select Yes or No.
  • Shortcut on Product View - Select Yes or No.
  1. Click Save Config.

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