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How do I determine my Payflow Pro SDK version?

To determine which version of the Payflow Pro SDK you're currently using:
  1. Log in to your PayPal Manager account.
  2. Click Reports.
  3. Click Daily Activity under Standard.
  4. Select a Date on which you know transactions were processed via Payflow Pro, then click Run Report.
  • This report may finish quickly or take several minutes.
  • Remember to set Transaction Mode to Test if you're processing test transactions.
  1. Once the report is complete, click any Transaction ID processed via Payflow Pro to display the details of that transaction.
  2. Under Additional Information, view the Client Version field to identify which version of the Payflow SDK was used for that transaction. For all transactions created using the Payflow SDK, the version number should be or higher.
Confirm that your website or application using Payflow Pro created the transactions you're viewing.

Note: Transactions created by such PayPal services as Recurring Billing, Virtual Terminal or Payflow Link will show a client IP address of If you have a Cybercash account and process a transaction through Virtual Terminal, v3.07 will be displayed as the client version.
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