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How do I send a payment in another currency?

To send money in another currency:

  1. Click Send & Request.
  2. Enter the recipient's name, email, or phone number. 
  3. Click  Next. 
  4. Enter the amount, choose the currency, and add a note if needed. Our conversion rate will be displayed. Click  Continue. 
  5. Select either, "Paying for an item or service" or "Sending to a friend" if available. 
  6. Click  Continue. 
  7. Review your payment details and click  Send Payment Now. 

When you make a payment in a foreign currency, we calculate the conversion rate for you. You'll see the rate when you make your payment.

When you make a payment using your card, you can choose to use your card issuer's conversion rate. If you choose to use your card issuer's rate, you won't know the conversion rate right away. To find out the exact rate, you'll need to check your card statement later or contact your card issuer directly.

To select your card issuer's rate, when reviewing your payment, select the option that says "Convert currency with PayPal" to change it to "Convert with card issuer."

If you don't see the option to choose your preferred conversion rate, it means that your card can only use either your card's conversion rate or PayPal's conversion rate.

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