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Policy Updates


This page informs users in advance of important changes to the PayPal service, its User Agreement, or other policies. This page displays policy updates with future effective dates. Go to “Past Policy Updates” for previous policy updates.


Amendment to PayPal Hosted Solution and eTerminal Agreement

Effective Date: Dec 9, 2015


Please read this document.

You do not need to do anything to accept the changes as they will automatically come into effect on the above date. Should you decide you do not wish to accept them you can notify us before the above date to close your account (https://www.paypal.com/fr/cgi-bin/?&cmd=_close-account) immediately without incurring any additional charges.

We are adding the following clause to the PayPal Hosted Solution and eTerminal Agreement:

2.4 Monthly Reports on Transaction Costs

PayPal shall make available monthly reports on transaction costs (inclusive of interchange fees) for card transactions which you process with PayPal Hosted Solution and eTerminal. These reports will be downloadable from your PayPal account. The first report will be available from January 2016 (with data on transactions of the previous month). The reports do not include any payments which you receive from another PayPal account.