Transaction Fees for Cross-Border Payments - Greenland

Fees for receiving payments from buyers outside Greenland

See Domestic Transaction Fees

Monthly SalesPrice Per Transaction*
0.00 DKK - 20,000.00 DKK3.9% + 2.60 DKK
20,000.01 DKK - 80,000.00 DKK (Merchant Rate qualification required)3.4% + 2.60 DKK
80,000.01 DKK - 400,000.00 DKK (Merchant Rate qualification required)3.2% + 2.60 DKK
400,000.01 DKK - 800,000.00 DKK (Merchant Rate qualification required)2.9% + 2.60 DKK
> 800,000.00 DKK (Merchant Rate qualification required)2.4% + 2.60 DKK

Fees for receiving eCheck payments will not exceed 30.00 DKK per transaction.

How are rates determined?
Eligibility for Merchant Rates are determined based upon sales volume from the previous calendar month. To qualify for Merchant Rates, a seller must complete a onetime application and meet the Merchant Rate Criteria.

See general Fees information.