What is PayPal Giving Fund?

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General questions

  • What is PayPal Giving Fund?+
  • Does PayPal own PayPal Giving Fund?+
  • What’s the difference between donations made through the PayPal donate button and PayPal Giving Fund?+
  • How do I contact PayPal Giving Fund?+
  • When I make a donation, how and when does the charity get the money?+
  • Do donors receive tax receipts?+
  • What happens if a donation can’t be delivered to a charity?+



  • Do I need to have an account with PayPal Giving Fund to make a donation to a charity?+
  • How much does it cost to donate through PayPal Giving Fund?+
  • Why does my donation go to PayPal Giving Fund?+
  • Is my donation secure?+
  • How do I request a refund for a donation I made on eBay?+
  • How do I track my donations?+
  • How do I sell charity items on eBay?+
  • How do I send my eBay for Charity community selling donations to the charities?+
  • I sold an item on eBay to benefit a charity. Why did I receive an invoice from PayPal Giving Fund?+
  • What fees will I be charged for charitable donations I make through GoFundMe?+
  • I set up a fundraising campaign for a charity on GoFundMe. How do I check they’ve received the funds?+
  • Why didn't the charity I intended to benefit receive the donation I made through a PayPal Giving Fund program?+
  • How can I claim a refund for a donation I made through GoFundMe?+

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