Increase sales. Accept PayPal.

Lift your revenue and expand your customer base. Let customers pay the way they want to. Our Express Checkout solution saves them time, turning potential customers into loyal shoppers.

Why PayPal?

  1. Grow sales.

    Businesses get an average sales increase of 14% when they add PayPal.1

  2. Increase conversion rates.

    With Express Checkout, your customers pay fast using information they already have stored with PayPal. Since it’s so easy, they’re more likely to buy more often. On average, PayPal customers use PayPal for more than half their online spending.2

  3. Get new customers.

    PayPal has more than 100 million accounts globally. 43% of North American online shoppers have used PayPal, and 24% of North American customers consider PayPal their favorite way to pay online.3

  4. Integrate easily.

    Express Checkout is pre-integrated into many shopping carts.

What is Express Checkout?

Express Checkout allows your customers to complete transactions in very few steps. It lets them use shipping and billing information stored securely at PayPal to check out, so they don’t have to re-enter it on your site.

How it works.
  1. After selecting products to purchase, your customers click Checkout with PayPal on your website.
  2. They’re transferred to PayPal – where they select their payment method, as well as the correct shipping and billing address – then are returned to your website to complete their purchases.
  3. PayPal automatically gives you the shipping address, email, and other customer information needed to fulfill your order.

With Express Checkout, your buyers finish their orders on your website, not PayPal’s, so you can:
  • Get real-time notification of successful payments

  • Automate your internal business processes.

  • Ensure buyers make it to your final confirmation page

  • Be notified that the buyer’s address is confirmed, and ensure you’re eligible for coverage under PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy

Get the Advantages You’ve Come to Expect From PayPal:

  • Our industry-leading fraud-prevention measures help you do business safely.

  • Tens of millions of people from more than 203 countries and regions around the world use PayPal everyday, providing your products exposure to a large, and fast-growing, group of loyal online buyers

  • PayPal is proven to attract new customers for our merchants.

To use Express Checkout, sign up for PayPal today.

1 Q1 2006 PayPal phone survey of small and medium-sized businesses doing a minimum of $120,000 in annual sales online.

2 Walker Information Inc. Q3 Customer Relationship Assessment (Buyers); sample frame: used PayPal once in past three months, twice in past year.

3 Forrester Research, Inc. The Technographics Survey, April 2005 (sample: 5,051, +/- 1.4% margin of error).