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How do I integrate Payflow Pro with Angell EYE for WooCommerce?

Disclaimer: This integration requires you to download and install a payment module before proceeding. You should also back up your site to ensure a safe recovery path in case installation issues arise. PayPal strongly recommends that a qualified network or systems admin install the module, to protect against site instability or other adverse impacts.

Angell EYE is a free module for WooCommerce that supports Express Checkout, PayPal Payments Pro, and PayPal Payflow Pro. You must install the module in your WooCommerce store before integrating your PayPal Payflow Pro payment solution. Here's how:

  • PayPal recommends that you create a unique PayPal Manager user account for your cart integration. To learn how, see How do I create a secondary user in PayPal Manager?
  • Unless you're configuring a PayPal Sandbox account for testing purposes, skip the Sandbox fields and go directly to the Live Payflow fields.
  1. Log in to your WooCommerce admin panel.
  2. Select WooCommerce > Settings.
  3. Select Checkout > PayPal Payments Pro 2.0 (Payflow).
  4. Complete the PayPal Payments Pro 2.0 (Payflow) configuration:
  • Enable PayPal Pro Payflow Edition - Check the Enable/Disable box.
  • Title - Enter a Title that reflects how you want buyers to see the payment method, such as Pay with Debit or Credit Card.
  • Description - Enter an Extended Description, or leave the default value in place.
  • Test Mode - Don't check the box unless you're integrating using Sandbox credentials.
  • Live PayPal Vendor - Enter your live merchant login ID.
    Note: Payflow Partner will be PayPal for US merchants and PayPalCA for Canadian merchants.
  • Live PayPal Password - Enter your live Payflow Manager password.
  • Live PayPal User - If you set up one or more additional users for your account, enter the user ID of the person authorized to process transactions. If your account has no additional users, leave this field blank.
  • Live PayPal Partner - Enter the ID provided to you by the authorized PayPal Reseller who registered you for the Payflow SDK. If you purchased your account directly from PayPal, enter PayPal or leave this field blank.
  • Send Item Details - Either check the box, or leave it blank if you don't want line item details to be seen on the PayPal transaction details page.
  • Payment Action - Select your preferred action: Sale to capture funds immediately when the order is placed, or Authorization to authorize payment without capturing funds.
  1. Review additional options.
  2. Click Save.

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