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How do I submit a data erasure request?

Who can make a data erasure request?

Any user with a Personal account can request data erasure through self-service or by contacting PayPal via email or phone call. Users with a Business account can also demand data erasure in most locations if the Business account is registered to an Individual or a Sole Proprietary business.

Can I make an erasure request on behalf of someone else or act as a representative?

As part of any data erasure request, we will conduct proper ID and verification checks to validate your identity as the data subject or the rightful account holder. We can only accept erasure requests from the legitimate owner of the data or their heir/ authorized representative.

Can I erase personal data on my own?

No, you can't erase your data on your own. You can only request the erasure of personal data through the self-service data erasure portal and by closing your account. The personal information will be erased after the required retention period has expired. The request will be processed based on the user's eligibility, which can vary depending on locally applicable regulations and the retention period.

How can I request PayPal to erase my data?  

You have the right to request the erasure of your data. PayPal will process your request to the extent permitted by applicable data retention requirements and local regulations, such as data retention laws.

To request data erasure, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account. 
  2. Go to the Settings icon.
  3. Select Data & Privacy from the secondary navigation bar in the Settings menu. 
  4. Select Delete your data and close account.
  5. Read the important information on the page and select Yes, Continue.
  6. You cannot use Xoom, Honey, and PayPal Zettle linked accounts. Select Continue.
  7. Select the email address where you want to receive updates on the progress of your request.
  8. Choose the option for the data copy, if required
  9. Choose a reason for the data erasure request and click Submit a Request.
  10. Pass the security check by entering the one-time 6-digit security code. You will receive a confirmation email.

Your account will be closed upon completing the above steps, and your personal data will be erased if you’re eligible.

Please note: If you’re in Mexico, Contact us to submit your request or log in to your account and head to the Help Center.

If you don't have an account, you can submit your contact request by pressing the "I can't log in, or I don't have an account" via the help center.

As part of any data erasure request, we will conduct reasonable ID and verification checks to validate your identity as the data subject or the rightful account holder. We can only accept erasure requests from the legitimate owner of the data or their heir/ authorized representative.

Is any additional information required from me while making an erasure request?

When submitting a data erasure request, you may need to choose a preferred email address to receive updates on the status of your request. You also have the option to provide a reason for closing your account and deleting your data.

Can I request the erasure of specific information, such as my address?

No, you can’t select which specific data should be erased. Once a data erasure request is received, certain information is immediately erased while other information is progressively erased as it reaches the end of its retention period, culminating in the complete erasure of the user's information. In rare cases, information may be retained for a longer period in accordance with PayPal's legitimate interests. When processing erasure requests, PayPal aims to erase as much data as possible while remaining compliant with local laws and guidelines.

Do I need to submit multiple requests to delete multiple data entries?

No, you don’t need to submit multiple requests. A single request for data erasure is sufficient. Based on eligibility criteria, PayPal determines which data can be erased (as per regulatory laws and retention policies) and will inform you accordingly.

Can erased information be retrieved at a later time?

No, once data has been erased, it can’t be recovered. The erasure is permanent.

Can I withdraw a data erasure request?

No, it isn’t possible to withdraw an erasure request, and it’s irreversible.

How can I request the erasure of data related to a closed account?

If your account is closed, all related data will be automatically erased once the required retention period has elapsed. This period starts from the date the account was closed. However, you can still request the erasure of their data by contacting Customer Service via phone or chat.

How do I exercise my data erasure request if I have an account balance?

Before we can close your account and erase your data, please ensure that you have cleared all outstanding payments. Once that's resolved, you can transfer your PayPal balance to your bank account. If there's an amount owing to us, you can click on the "Resolve your balance that shows an amount owing to us" link next to your PayPal balance to clear it.

For users from Brazil with zero balance accounts: All payments that you receive will be automatically transferred to your linked bank account once they are available. You must transfer your balance to your bank if you hold a Balance Business Account. If you owe an amount to us, click the “Pay what you owe” link next to the amount.

Is it required to close the account before deleting the data?

Yes, your PayPal account must be closed before we can delete your data.

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