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Currency Conversion

Transacting in Multiple Currencies

PayPal launched Multiple Currencies to facilitate payments among our diverse base of international members. PayPal is pleased to offer conversion rates that are competitive with those of other consumer services.

The most readily available information on currency exchange rates is based on "interbank exchange rates". Interbank exchange rates are established in the course of currency trading among a global network of over 1,000 banks, and are not available through consumer or retail channels. Consumers may use these rates as a reference, but should not expect to use interbank rates in transactions that involve currency conversion. To obtain actual retail rates, contact your local financial institution or currency exchange, or check the rate displayed in your PayPal transaction.

Displaying Conversion Rates

PayPal will always provide information on transactions that include a currency conversion. The currency conversion rate will be displayed each time you:

  • Send a payment in a non-local currency
  • Accept and automatically convert a payment to your primary currency
  • Withdraw funds in a non-local currency to your local bank account
  • Transfer funds between currency balances

In addition, you can go to History to review the currency conversion calculations from previous transactions.

There is no currency conversion for transactions where you:

  • Send a payment using a funding source in the same currency
  • Receive a payment in a currency for which you hold a balance (you do not need to have funds in the currency balance)
  • Withdraw funds in local currency to your local bank account

To learn more about Multiple Currencies, see the Multiple Currencies FAQ's in our Help Center.