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What is PayPal Working Capital?

Designed for merchants with a strong PayPal sales history, our merchant cash advance allows businesses to access funds quickly to help them grow.

How does PayPal Working Capital work?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Select the amount of the merchant cash advance you’d like to receive for your business. The maximum amount available will depend on your PayPal sales and account behaviour.
  • Choose the percentage of your future PayPal sales that will go towards repayment of the merchant cash advance and the associated fixed fee.
  • Receive the funds straight away to use as you wish for your business.
  • Your repayments will be taken from each of your future sales until your merchant cash advance and fixed fee have been repaid. You can also make additional repayments without any additional charges.
Am I eligible for PayPal Working Capital?

The minimum requirements to apply for PayPal Working Capital are that you:

  1. Have had a PayPal Business or Premier account for 3 months or more;
  2. Are registered in the United Kingdom;
  3. Process at least £12,000 if you have a Premier account, or £9,000 if you have a Business account, in eligible PayPal sales annually*; and
  4. Have repaid any prior PayPal Working Capital cash advances.
  5. These requirements must be met for at least 5 days in advance of an application.

Additional data regarding your PayPal account history, business performance and your financial position are also considered as part of the application process, to determine if you are eligible for PayPal Working Capital and to determine the size of the merchant cash advance available to you.

* Eligible sales are those made through your PayPal account net of any transaction reversals and excluding any non-business person-to-person transfers. Also excluded are any transfers or deposits you make yourself into your PayPal account, and any gambling transactions.

Is PayPal Working Capital available in any other countries?

Yes, PayPal Working Capital is also available in the USA, Australia, and Germany. Please note the terms, features and eligibility criteria for PayPal Working Capital vary across each market.

How long does it take to receive funds?

If your application is successful, funds are transferred to your PayPal account in minutes.

Do I need to change how my sales are processed through PayPal when I use PayPal Working Capital?

No, you don’t need to change a thing. Simply continue to process your business payments through your current PayPal account until your merchant cash advance amount and fixed fee have been repaid in full. Repayments occur automatically as a percentage of each sale.

Will my credit score be affected if I apply for or use PayPal Working Capital?

No. We do carry out some checks to establish your business performance and financial position, but we do not report your position back to any credit reference agency so your credit score will not be affected.

Do I need to change anything if I sell on eBay?

No. You don’t need to change anything. With PayPal Working Capital, you can use any platform to sell – as long as you process your sales through PayPal.

The more you sell through PayPal, the more funding you may qualify for when you apply. If your PayPal activity changes, your eligibility and offer may change as well.

Will my offer expire?

Your PayPal Working Capital cash advance offer is valid for a limited time. Should you decide to leave the application, your offer will have a specific expiry date. It remains available via the PayPal Working Capital site, and you only need to complete the application process to receive your funds. However, you will need to re-apply in full once your offer expires.

Cash Advance Amount

Cash Advance Amount

How does PayPal calculate the merchant cash advance amount available to me?

We will review your PayPal sales and account behaviour and, based on our assessment, determine the maximum cash advance amount available to you.



What fees do I have to pay with PayPal Working Capital?

There’s just one fixed fee, which will be explained before you complete your application for PayPal Working Capital. There's no interest, no late fees and no fees for any additional repayments you make.

Do I pay interest on PayPal Working Capital?

No. You’re charged a single, fixed fee. There is no interest on your merchant cash advance.

How is the fee calculated?

The fee is determined by your business's PayPal sales and account history, the merchant cash advance amount and the repayment percentage you select.

How does the daily repayment percentage affect the merchant cash advance fee?

The higher your daily repayment percentage, the lower your fixed fee. A lower repayment percentage results in a higher fee – but more flexibility for your business, since you’ll get to keep a larger share of your daily PayPal sales.



How do I repay my merchant cash advance?

Repayments are automatically deducted from your PayPal account as a percentage of each sale until the cash advance amount and fixed fee are paid in full.

You can also make additional repayments or even pay the cash advance in full without additional charges.

How does the cash advance amount affect my repayment percentage options?

Your repayment percentage options may change based on the cash advance amount you choose. For higher cash advance amounts, some repayment percentage options could become unavailable.

When do repayments occur?

Your first automatic repayment will occur approximately 72 hours after you receive your merchant cash advance. From then on, repayments are taken from your PayPal account as a percentage of each sale.

Can I change the repayment percentage later?

No. The repayment percentage you choose when you sign up applies until your balance is paid in full, so choose it carefully. However, since your repayment amount is a percentage of your PayPal sales, the amount deducted does change daily. If your sales fluctuate, so will your repayments.

If you have further questions concerning your repayment process please contact us.

Can I make any additional repayments towards my merchant cash advance?

Yes. You can make additional repayments towards your outstanding balance at any time without additional charge. Automatic repayments will continue, even if you make additional repayments, until your balance is repaid in full. You can make additional repayments using the tool on your PayPal Working Capital account dashboard.

If I make additional repayments, will my fixed fee change?

No. Your fixed fee is determined at the time of your application and is not altered by early repayment.

What are the minimum repayment requirements?

There are no additional charges if your PayPal sales fluctuate or if you have days without sales. However, regardless of sales volume, a minimum level of repayment is required every 90 days, calculated from the day you receive your cash advance. Your minimum repayment amount is determined by your business profile and the terms of the cash advance you select, but will not be more than 10% of your repayment amount (cash advance plus fixed fee). If you don’t meet this requirement, we may ask you to repay the total amount outstanding.
The minimum repayment amount applicable to your cash advance will be outlined in your terms and conditions, which you will view before completing your application, as well as within the application flow.

What happens if I make sales in more than one currency – how does PayPal take my repayments?

We take your repayments from the balance held in the currency of your cash advance (GBP/£), if funds are available. If you don’t have enough funds in that GBP balance to cover the repayment, we may deduct funds from your other currency balances as required and PayPal’s standard currency conversion fees would apply.

How is multi-currency repayment calculated by PayPal?

If you make sales in multiple currencies, we calculate what each sale would be in GBP equivalent then apply your repayment percentage to that amount.

How does PayPal determine which transactions in my PayPal account are sales?

We consider sales as all payments you receive. We don’t include transfers from your linked accounts, personal payments, chargebacks or gambling transactions.

Also, note that net sales include taxes and postage costs in cases where they were included in the amount of the PayPal transaction paid by your customer.

Is the repayment percentage calculated before or after PayPal transaction fees are calculated?

The amount that you repay from each PayPal sale is calculated after PayPal transaction fees are deducted. Your PayPal transaction fees won’t change as a result of receiving the merchant cash advance.

What happens if sale is returned?

The repayment from each sale is deducted immediately from your PayPal account. If a sale is returned, PayPal Working Capital will not refund the repayment amount from that sale to your PayPal account.

Subsequent Merchant Cash Advances

Subsequent Merchant Cash Advances

Can I have more than one merchant cash advance with PayPal?

You can have more than one PayPal Working Capital merchant cash advance, but not at the same time. You must fully repay your outstanding merchant cash advance before applying for the next one. There is no maximum number of merchant cash advances you can take.

If I have taken a merchant cash advance before, does this mean I am automatically eligible for a further advance?

Having taken a PayPal Working Capital merchant cash advance in the past does not guarantee that you will be approved again in the future. Each application is assessed individually at the point the application is made, and is subject to account and sales behaviour, previous advance repayment performance and current PayPal policies.

When can I apply for a further merchant cash advance?

You may apply for another merchant cash advance three days after you have repaid your existing merchant cash advance amount.

Why has the merchant cash advance offer changed compared to my prior advance?

Each application for a PayPal Working Capital merchant cash advance is assessed at the point the application is made. The size of merchant cash advance available and applicable fixed fee may change depending on your account and sales behaviour, previous advance repayment performance and current PayPal policies.



How do I view/service my PayPal Working Capital account?

If you have a PayPal Working Capital account you can access it by clicking on the login button at the top of the PayPal Working Capital landing page, or from the link on your PayPal account servicing page.

What behaviours are not permitted for customers of PayPal Working Capital?

PayPal will monitor participating accounts for unexpected drops in PayPal volume and certain other types of behaviour. PayPal can terminate your agreement and the outstanding balance may become due immediately in some circumstances, including if you:

  • Stop accepting PayPal as a payment method; or
  • Deliberately direct payment volume away from PayPal as a payment method for your business’s sales.
Can I get a merchant cash advance or loan from another provider while having PayPal Working Capital?

By entering into a PayPal Working Capital agreement, you are transferring ownership of a portion of your future sales to PayPal. Because of this, while you have an active PayPal Working Capital merchant cash advance, you should not take other cash advances, loans or other financial products that are secured against your future sales.

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