Activate your mobile number and PIN as your mobile login.


Shop wherever you are – online and in apps, using just your thumb.


Pay without reaching for your wallet or entering your information.

How apptastic!

We’re integrated into thousands of iOS and Android apps. Use our app to pay at the till, from the table or to transfer money to a friend. Say hello to your new wallet.

Tap into your money.

Store your cards and bank account in one place. Once you link them to your PayPal account, you can choose how you’ll pay and check right out.

Let your fingers do the shopping.

Take your phone out for a spin. Use our app to pay instore, from the table or at the till. Look for us the next time you’re paying in an app and race through checkout on thousands of mobile websites.

“It’s just a lot simpler to enter one password when paying on your mobile than using a credit card and entering all that info every time.”

Happy shopper, 2013

We can protect your purchases.

Whether it’s for a taxi or a sausage roll, you can pay safely through your mobile phone. A 4-digit PIN is all you need to log in and make a mobile payment. When you’re shopping on your phone, your eligible purchases are protected, just like on your computer.

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Spend without expending.

When you’re away from your computer, you can pay fast and easily with PayPal. Your mobile number and PIN will let you pay on any device, be it a phone, tablet or the International Space Station.

65% 65% of mobile consumers have used their phone to pay.

Double oh nothing.

Buying with PayPal is free. Fees apply when currency conversion is involved. You pay for what you pay for.

More about fees

Your mobile wallet’s ready to go.

Tap Into Your Money