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Add Express Checkout to your shopping cart for faster PayPal transactions.

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Fast checkout and fast payment.

You’re already selling online. Add Express Checkout and PayPal customers can buy from you quickly if they use One TouchTM.


4 great reasons to add PayPal Express Checkout.

Optimised conversion

Make online payments simple. Customers can see all order and dispatch details, and move through checkout faster.

Customer confidence

‘In-context’ payment keeps customers on your site. They can pay with confidence and review transaction details immediately.

No monthly fees

Pay only for the money you receive. There's no monthly fee or set-up charge to open a PayPal business account. Read more

Ready to grow business

PayPal brings the world to you. With Express Checkout, customers could buy from you on mobile, tablet or desktop.

How PayPal Express Checkout works.


A customer visits your website and selects their items.


They log in to their PayPal account.


They confirm their purchase.


That’s it – they’re done.

2 ways to integrate PayPal Express Checkout.

Get a PayPal business account

Use your cart or online-shop provider.

Our partners can help you to add Express Checkout. Get an integration guide from your shopping cart or merchant gateway provider’s website. Then follow the steps to add Express Checkout to your site’s cart and product pages.

parnters-logoSee full list of partners

Or integrate our APIs directly into your site.


Choose an integration method and language.


Create a sandbox account. Integrate this with the method you chose.


Get live credentials in your PayPal profile.


Go live.

See more integration details

Estimate your fees

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You should pay
3.4% + 20p
per transaction

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"With Express Checkout my customers go from the shopping cart to the confirm button in just a few clicks. Our Express Checkout sales increased 57% in one year, so it’s what my customers want. That’s why I recommend PayPal Express Checkout."

Wayne Bower, Director, Jedi Robe

Add Express Checkout to your website

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Frequently Asked Questions.

While Express Checkout uses PayPal APIs, it is also closely integrated with many leading third-party shopping carts and merchant platforms. If your business uses one of our shopping cart or payment gateway partners then staff in your business may be able to add Express Checkout. See our full list of partners. Otherwise, you will probably need a developer with advanced technical skill in the API integration language to add Express Checkout. See more integration details.