Payflow Payment Gateway

Take your business online with security and flexibility.

  • Connect your online store to any major payment processor, bank, and card association with our industry-leading payment gateways, Payflow Link and Payflow Pro.
  • Accept credit and debit cards with your current internet merchant account. And accept PayPal too (U.S. only).
  • Feel secure knowing that 168-bit SSL encryption lets customers confidently use their credit cards online.

What is a payment gateway?

It’s a secure connection from your online store to your internet merchant account and your payment processing network.

Payflow Pro

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Our fully customizable service lets your customers complete transactions on your website more securely.

Payflow Link

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Our basic, quick set-up service lets your customers securely complete transactions on customizable pages hosted by PayPal.

Plus, customize either payment gateway with these specialized add-ons:

Your Online Store

Payment Gateway

Internet Merchant Account

payment gateway
  1. Your customer inputs credit card information on Your Online Store.
  2. The Payment Gateway encrypts data and securely sends it to your Internet Merchant Account.
  3. The transaction is reviewed for authorization.
  4. The result is encrypted and sent back through the payment gateway.
  5. You get the results and decide whether or not to fulfill the order.

Let us help you decide on the right Payflow Gateway. Contact us at 1-888-847-2747.


How to Get Started

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