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How do I access Virtual Terminal?

After configuring your PayPal account to use Virtual Terminal, you can begin processing transactions. You'll find the link to Virtual Terminal in the Tools drop-down menu or on the Tools page.

To make account access easier and data entry faster, you can view the Main Virtual Terminal page in two different layouts, vertical or horizontal. (Vertical is the default.) The page has multiple sections:
  • Payment – Shows information about the Currency, Amount, and Description
  • Transaction – Deals with Transaction Type and actual card information
  • Billing – Shows the billing address of the customer associated with the card
  • Shipping – Required only when you process a transaction that ships a physical item. You enable this by choosing the appropriate option.
  • Review  – Available only in the vertical layout. Helps you track the data entered so far (which may no longer be visible onscreen) and review it.

To set up your Virtual Terminal layout, follow the steps in Can I change the layout of the Main Virtual Terminal Window?
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