At PayPal, we are re-thinking how to provide diverse solutions to real-world challenges. Through the Recharge program, we encourage skilled women technologists who have taken a career break for personal or family reasons to feel equipped to return to the work force. During the program, they work on real technical projects and provide solutions, while learning from leaders throughout PayPal about everything from work/life balance to résumé and cover letter writing. When participants complete the Recharge program, they have learned skills that are competitive with the current market, and similar to an internship, will be considered for hire as employees at the conclusion of the program.

Increasing the number of women in PayPal’s development teams serves our mission of driving diversity and inclusion, and leads to vital insights and perspectives that better serve the needs of customers worldwide. We want Recharge to ignite a culture change in both PayPal and the tech industry at large, by erasing the stigma that comes from a career break, and by inspiring a thoughtful consideration of a healthy work/life balance.

PayPal has an ongoing commitment to build a strong and diverse organization as well as support and encourage women to pursue technical careers.

“At PayPal, I can manage a very good work/life balance… there’s a culture within the company that promotes it.” – Sashi Dokania

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Who should apply?

Are you a technical woman who has taken a career break? Or perhaps you have taught yourself to code, but you don’t have any industry work experience. If this describes you, then you should apply for our recharge program. Specifically, we are looking for women who have been out of the workforce for at least 1-2 years, but are ready to jump back into development roles.

How do I apply?

We are not accepting applications at this time. To be considered for future Recharge positions, please send an email to and include the following:

Subject: Interest in US Recharge Program

Include the following information:

  • First/Last name
  • Email address
  • Contact phone
  • Position(s) interested in, along with applicable experience which includes previous related work experience, volunteer work, and projects.
  • Updated resume

How do I refer someone?

You can send us your friend’s resume at

Do you have any non-development positions open?

We are currently only looking to fill technical roles. Please send us your resume at and any feedback you have for consideration on future roles as we consider our next iteration of this program.

What is the program deadline?

We are not currently accepting applications. For future Recharge programs, we recommend you apply right away, as applications are taken until positions are filled.

Is this a paid program?

Yes, the Recharge program is an 18 week paid program.

Other Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Send us an email at

For any questions regarding the program please contact us at

Internal Employees

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