What are the payment types when I send money?

You can send money to make a purchase or to make a personal payment* to someone.

If you’re making a purchase, there are 2 payment types:

  • Goods - Select this payment type when you’re paying for something that you didn’t buy on eBay.
  • Services - Use this payment type when your purchase is not a product but a service (for example, work performed for you by someone else)

When you make a purchase, the seller pays a small fee to receive your money.

If you’re sending a personal payment, payment types include:

  • Gift - Select this payment type when you’re sending money as a gift for a birthday or other special occasion.
  • Payment Owed - Use this payment type for things like reimbursing a friend for your share of a restaurant check, or repaying money that a family member loaned you.
  • Cash Advance - Select this payment type when the money you’re sending isn’t for the purchase of goods or services. (Remember that your card issuer may charge a fee for cash advances.)
  • Living Expense - Use this payment type when you need to pay regular, recurring expenses like rent or utilities.
  • Other - Select this payment type for anything that’s not covered by another payment type.

You can make a personal payment to anyone in the U.S. for free. Just make sure that you pay for the entire payment using your PayPal balance or bank account. A small fee applies to payments made with a debit or credit card. For more information, click Fees at the bottom of any page.

Note:We’re currently unable to allow personal payments to or from India.

*Personal payments are not available in every country. Please check your account to see if you can make personal payments.