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Why did I receive an email reminder about accepting a credit card processing agreement, or why do I see a notification on my PayPal account profile page about accepting this agreement?


One of the following events has occurred:
  • PayPal sent you an email reminding you to accept a Commercial Entity (CE) Agreement if you want to continue processing credit card payments.
  • While reviewing your PayPal account profile, you saw (via the bell icon) that you'd received a new notification. You clicked the bell icon and the notification read, “To continue processing credit card payments from certain credit card companies, please review and accept the bank’s Credit Card Processing Agreement.”

Your daily total payment volume involving credit cards has reached a certain threshold. Rules set by the Visa and Mastercard payment networks, as well as PayPal’s agreements with those networks and their bank partners, require merchants meeting this threshold to accept a Commercial Entity (CE) Agreement.

You have 90 days after notification to accept the CE agreement. Until you take action, you’ll receive daily notifications along with email reminders sent on Day 30, Day 60, Day 89, and Day 90. On Day 91, you’ll lose your ability to process Visa and Mastercard payments until you accept the agreement.


Here’s how to accept the agreement and avoid interruption of credit card payment processing.

Respond to the CE email reminder

If PayPal sent you an email reminder about the CE agreement, at least 30 days have passed since you received your first CE notification. Do the following:
  1. Click in the email to go to the Continue accepting credit card payments webpage. (If you're not currently logged in to your PayPal account, you'll be taken to the login page first.)
Continue accepting payments page
  1. Do one of the following:
  • Click Agree and Continue to accept the agreement. Your ability to process Visa and Mastercard payments will continue uninterrupted, and you'll receive an email thanking you for agreement acceptance.
  • Click Decline and Continue to decline the agreement. Once you choose this option, your PayPal Business account can no longer receive Visa- or Mastercard-funded credit card transactions. To regain your ability to accept credit card payments, log in to your account and accept the CE agreement.
Respond to the CE notification in your profile

Do the following:
  1. Click the bell (Notifications) icon on your account profile page to display the CE notification.
Bell (Notifications) icon
  1. In the CE agreement notification, click review and accept the bank’s Credit Card Processing Agreement. The Continue accepting credit card payments page appears.
  2. Click Agree and Continue to accept the agreement, or click Decline and continue to reject the agreement.

Note: In addition to action buttons, the Continue accepting credit card payments page provides optional links to the following:
  • Your user agreement with PayPal
  • PayPal Customer Support
  • The text of the credit card processing agreement
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