PayPal Consumer Fees

Buying and sending money can be easy, fast, and secure when using PayPal.

Last Updated: 30, July 2021

You can find details about changes to our rates and fees and when they will apply on our Policy Updates Page. You can also view these changes by clicking ‘Legal’ at the bottom of any web-page and then selecting ‘Policy Updates’.

Domestic: A transaction occurring when both the sender and receiver are registered with or identified by PayPal as residents of the same market.

International: A transaction occurring when the sender and receiver are registered with or identified by PayPal as residents of different markets. Certain markets are grouped together when calculating international transaction rates. For a listing of our groupings, please access our Market/Region Grouping Table.

International euro (EUR) or Swedish krona (SEK) transactions where both the sender and the receiver are registered with or identified by PayPal as resident in the European Economic Area (EEA) are treated as domestic transactions for the purpose of applying fees.

Market Code Table: We may refer to two-letter market codes throughout our fee pages. For a complete listing of PayPal market codes, please access our Market Code Table.

Relevant Markets/

Rates published below apply to PayPal accounts of residents of the following markets/regions:

Markets/Regions list

Bulgaria (BG)Hungary (HU)Romania (RO)
Cyprus (CY)Latvia (LV)San Marino (SM)
Czech Republic (CZ)Liechtenstein (LI)Slovakia (SK)
Estonia (EE)Lithuania (LT)Slovenia (SI)
Greece (GR)Malta (MT)

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Buying with PayPal

It’s free to use PayPal to pay for a purchase or any other type of commercial transaction unless it involves a currency conversion.

Online or in-store

No Fee (when no currency conversion is involved)

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Selling with PayPal

When you buy or sell goods or services, make any other commercial type of transaction, send or receive a charity donation or receive a payment when you “request money” using PayPal, we call that a “commercial transaction”.

For the listings of selling rates, please visit our PayPal Merchant Fees Page.

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Sending and receiving money

When you send money (initiated from the “Friends and Family” tab of the “Send Money” flow) to, or receive money into your PayPal account from, friends and family without making an underlying commercial transaction (that is, the payment is not for the purchase of goods or services or for making any other commercial transaction), we call that a “personal transaction”.

The rates relating to personal transactions are set out below.

Sending domestic personal transactions

No fee (when no currency conversion is involved)

Sending international personal transactions

Market of recipient’s addressRate
Canada, Europe I, Europe II, Northern Europe, & US1.99 EUR
Any other market/region3.99 EUR

Fees charged in different currencies for sending payments: We will collect the fee from balance in the currency in which the fee is payable. To do this, we may need to convert the fee amount from your sending balance into the currency in which the fee is payable, in which case the fees for "Conversions in all other cases" also apply.

Receiving personal transactions

No fee (when no currency conversion is involved)

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Currency Conversions

For information about how we convert currency, please see the user agreement.

Please access the Currency Converter tool below to indicate the applicable rate that may apply to your transaction. Any rates shown are subject to change based on time and date of the completed transaction.

Currency Converter Tool

Converting balance for a business account

3.00% above the base exchange rate

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Withdrawals Out of PayPal

You can typically withdraw money out of PayPal by standard withdrawals/transfers to your linked bank account or eligible debit cards. Withdrawal to a bank account or a card may not be possible in all markets/regions. A currency conversion (and currency conversion fees) may also apply.

Note: For additional listings of withdrawal/transfer rates out of business accounts, please visit our PayPal Merchant Fees Page.

Withdrawing a balance from a personal PayPal account

Withdrawal/Transfer toMarket/RegionRate
Bank accountAll (where available)No Fee (when no currency conversion is involved)
US bank accountCZ, EE, GR, HU, LT, LV, MT, SI, SK, & SM,3.00% (when no currency conversion is involved)
BG, CY, LI, & RONo Fee (when no currency conversion is involved)
BG, RO, & SI1.00% of amount transferred
CY, EE, GI, LI, LT, LV, MT, SK, & SMFixed Fee for card withdrawal applies per withdrawal
Any other market/region (where available)2.00 EUR

BG, RO, & SI - Minimum and maximum fees

Based on card withdrawal currency:

CurrencyMinimum FeeMaximum Fee
Australian dollar0.25 AUD10.00 AUD
Bulgarian lev0.50 BGN20.00 BGN
Canadian dollar0.25 CAD10.00 CAD
Croatian kuna2.00 HRK70.00 HRK
Czech koruna5.70 CZK230.00 CZK
Danish krone1.80 DKK70.00 DKK
Euro0.25 EUR10.00 EUR
Hong Kong dollar2.00 HKD80.00 HKD
Hungarian forint70.00 HUF2900.00 HUF
Israeli new shekel1.00 ILS40.00 ILS
Japanese yen30.00 JPY1100.00 JPY
Kuwaiti dinar1 KWDNo Max
Malaysian ringgit1.00 MYR40.00 MYR
Mexican peso5.00 MXN200.00 MXN
New Zealand dollar0.40 NZD15.00 NZD
Norwegian krone1.00 NOK40.00 NOK
Philippine peso10.00 PHP500.00 PHP
Polish zloty1.00 PLN40.00 PLN
Qatari rial1.00 QAR40.00 QAR
Romania new lei1.00 RON40.00 RON
Russian ruble20.00 RUB700.00 RUB
Serbian dinar25.00 RSD1000.00 RSD
Singapore dollar0.50 SGD15.00 SGD
South African rand3.60 ZAR145.00 ZAR
Sri Lanka rupee50.00 LKR1800.00 LKR
Swedish krona2.50 SEK100.00 SEK
Thai baht8.00 THB320.00 THB
Turkish lira1.50 TRY60.00 TRY
United Arab Emirates dirham0.90 AED36.70 AED
UK pounds sterling0.20 GBP8.00 GBP
US dollar0.25 USD10.00 USD
ALL Other CurrenciesNo MinNo Max

CY, EE, LI, LT, LV, MT, SK & SM - Fixed fee for card withdrawal

Based on card withdrawal currency:

Albania lek276.00 ALL
Algerian dinar300.00 DZD
Angola kwanza1233.00 AOA
Argentine peso8.00 ARS
Aruban florin5.00 AWG
Australian dollar3.50 AUD
Bahamian dollar3.00 BSD
Balboa2.50 PAB
Barbados dollar5.00 BBD
Bermudian dollar3.00 BMD
Bhutan ngultrum178.00 BTN
Boliviano17.00 BOB
Botswana pula27.00 BWP
Brazilian real4.50 BRL
Brunei dollar3.00 BND
Bulgarian lev3.50 BGN
Burundi franc4725.00 BIF
Cabo Verde escudo249.00 CVE
Canadian dollar3.00 CAD
Cayman Island dollar2.00 KYD
CFA franc BEAC1478.00 XAF
Chilean peso1200.00 CLP
Comoro franc1109.00 KMF
Cordoba oro85.00 NIO
Columbian peso8329.00 COP
Congolese franc4226.00 CDF
Convertible mark4.00 BAM
Costa Rican colon1408.00 CRC
Cypriot pound1.20 CYP
Czech koruna55.00 CZK
Dalasi128.00 GMD
Danish krone15.00 DKK
Denar139.00 MKD
Djibouti franc444.00 DJF
Dominican peso133.00 DOP
Dong57937.00 VND
East Caribbean dollar7.00 XCD
Egyptian pound40.00 EGP
Estonian kroon30.00 EEK
Ethiopian birr80.00 ETB
Euro2.00 EUR
Falkland Islands pound2.00 FKP
Fiji dollar5.00 FJD
Gibraltar pound1.50 GIP
Guarani16312.00 PYG
Guinea franc23848.00 GNF
Guyana dollar522.00 GYD
Hong Kong dollar20.00 HKD
Hryvnia61.00 UAH
Hungarian forint500.00 HUF
Iceland krona170.00 ISK
Indian rupee100.00 INR
Israeli new shekel11.00 ILS
Japanese yen300.00 JPY
Jamaican dollar335.00 JMD
Kenyan shilling252.00 KES
Kina9.00 PGK
Kip22196.00 LAK
Kuna15.00 HRK
Kwacha1842.00 MWK
Lari7.00 GEL
Latvian lat1.50 LVL
Leone24662.00 SLL
Lempira62.00 HNL
Lilangeni36.00 SZL
Lithuanian litas7.00 LTL
Malaysian ringgit8.00 MYR
Malagasy Ariary9129.00 MGA
Maltese lira0.90 MTL
Mauritanian ouguiya937.00 MRO
Mauritius rupee92.00 MUR
Mexican peso30.00 MXN
Moldovan leu44.00 MDL
Moroccan dirham24.00 MAD
Naira906.00 NGN
Namibia dollar36.00 NAD
Nepalese rupee286.00 NPR
Netherlands Antillean guilder4.00 ANG
New Taiwan dollar87.50 TWD
New Zealand dollar4.00 NZD
Norwegian krone16.00 NOK
Nuevo Sol8.00 PEN
Pa’anga6.00 TOP
Philippine peso100.00 PHP
Polish zloty8.00 PLN
Qatari rial9.00 QAR
Quetzal19.00 GTQ
Rand20.00 ZAR
Riel10300.00 KHR
Romanian leu6.00 RON
Rufiyaa39.00 MVR
Rupiah23000.00 IDR
Russian ruble150.00 RUB
Saint Helena pound2.00 SHP
Saudi riyal9.00 SAR
Serbian dinar265.00 RSD
Seychelles rupee34.00 SCR
Singapore dollar4.00 SGD
Slovak koruna70.00 SKK
Solomon Islands dollar21.00 SBD
Somali shilling1449.00 SOS
Somoni26.00 TJS
Sri Lanka rupee454.00 LKR
Surinam dollar19.00 SRD
Swedish krona18.00 SEK
Swiss franc3.50 CHF
Tala7.00 WST
Tanzanian shilling5760.00 TZS
Tenge943.00 KZT
Thai baht90.00 THB
Trinidad and Tobago dollar17.00 TTD
Tugrik6867.00 MNT
Turkish lira3.80 TRY
Uganda shilling9194.00 UGX
UAE dirham10.00 AED
UK pounds sterling1.50 GBP
US dollar2.50 USD
Uruguay peso50.00 UYI/UYU
Vatu291.00 VUV
Won2915.00 KRW
Yemeni rial626.00 YER
Yuan renminbi17.00 CNY

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Other Consumer Fees

Included below are fees associated with events, requests, or actions that may happen when you use your account.

Other Fees

Bank Return on Withdrawal/Transfer out of PayPalThis fee is charged when a withdrawal/transfer out of PayPal is attempted by a user and it fails because incorrect bank account information or delivery information is provided.See Bank Return on Withdrawal/Transfer out of PayPal Table below.
Credit Card and Debit Card Confirmation(s)Some users, in order to increase their sending limit or as PayPal may determine, may be charged a credit card and debit card link and confirmation fee. This amount will be refunded when you successfully complete the credit card or debit card verification process.See Credit Card and Debit Card Link and Confirmation Table below.
Inactive PayPal AccountThe inactivity fee will be the lesser of the fee listed below or the remaining balance in your account.See Inactive PayPal Account Fee Table below.
Records RequestThis fee will apply for requests of information relating to why we had reasonable justification to refuse your payment order. We will not charge you for records requested in connection with your good-faith assertion of an error in your PayPal account.10.00 GBP or 12.00 EUR (per item)

Bank Return on Withdrawal/Transfer out of PayPal Table

Czech Republic users200.00 CZK
Hungarian users1500.00 HUF
Users registered in the Eurozone3.00 EUR

Credit Card and Debit Card Link and Confirmation Table

Australian dollar2.00 AUD
Brazilian real4.00 BRL
Canadian dollar2.45 CAD
Czech koruna50.00 CZK
Danish krone12.50 DKK
Euro1.50 EUR
Hong Kong dollar15.00 HKD
Hungarian forint400.00 HUF
Israeli new shekel8.00 ILS
Japanese yen200.00 JPY
Malaysian ringgitNot Applicable
Mexican peso20.00 MXN
New Taiwan dollar70.00 TWD
New Zealand dollar3.00 NZD
Norwegian krone15.00 NOK
Philippine peso100.00 PHP
Polish zloty6.50 PLN
Russian ruble60.00 RUB
Singapore dollar3.00 SGD
Swedish krona15.00 SEK
Swiss franc3.00 CHF
Thai baht70.00 THB
UK pounds sterling1.00 GBP
US dollar1.95 USD

Inactive PayPal Account Table

Czech koruna270.00 CZK
Danish krone75.00 DKK
Euro10.00 EUR
Hungarian forint3600.00 HUF
Norwegian krone105.00 NOK
Polish zloty45.00 PLN
Swedish krona100.00 SEK
Swiss franc10.00 CHF
UK pounds sterling9.00 GBP

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