Withdrawal Fees

Please select your country or region to see applicable withdrawal fees.

Country or Region:
Bank LocationCurrencyWithdrawal FeeReturn FeeMinimum Withdrawal Amount
EcuadorAUD$17.50 AUD$20.00 AUD$225.00 AUD
CAD$17.50 CAD$20.00 CAD$225.00 CAD
CHF15.00 CHF20.00 CHF200.00 CHF
CZK260.00 CZK360.00 CZK3,500.00 CZK
DKK70.00 DKK100.00 DKK1,000.00 DKK
EUR€11.00 EUR€13.00 EUR€150.00 EUR
GBP£7.25 GBP£8.00 GBP£90.00 GBP
HKD$85.00 HKD$110.00 HKD$1,200.00 HKD
HUF2,500 HUF3,200 HUF32,000 HUF
ILS₪44.00 ILS₪60.00 ILS₪600.00 ILS
JPY¥1,430 JPY¥1,600 JPY¥17,500 JPY
MXN$121.00 MXN$165.00 MXN$1,650.00 MXN
NOK75.00 NOK100.00 NOK870.00 NOK
NZD$17.00 NZD$23.00 NZD$235.00 NZD
PHPP550.00 PHPP750.00 PHPP7,500.00 PHP
PLN35.00 PLN50.00 PLN500.00 PLN
SEK90.00 SEK120.00 SEK1,200.00 SEK
SGD$18.00 SGD$25.00 SGD$250.00 SGD
THB฿396.00 THB฿540.00 THB฿5,500.00 THB
USD$11.00 USD$15.00 USD$150.00 USD
RUB0.00 RUB520.00 RUB4,650.00 RUB

PayPal may charge a minimal fee for withdrawals to non-U.S. banks. We charge you at the time of withdrawal.

Some non-U.S. members may have U.S. bank accounts, so make sure the bank account and delivery information for your withdrawal is complete and correct.