PayPal Payment Solutions – How to Get Started

Follow these steps to start accepting payments with PayPal
Take the first step: Sign up for a PayPal Business Account Sign Up Now
Info Required
Time to complete
1 Sign up for a PayPal Business Account
Sign up now
A business account will allow you to accept credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal payments.
Account/business owner's name & address
Email address
Business name & address
Customer service information
5-10 minutes
2 Verify your information.
Confirm Email Address
Verifies the email address where we will send payment receipts and account emails.An active email address5 minutes with real-time email access
Provide and Confirm Bank Account Information
Allows you to easily withdraw funds and we verify your identity.Bank name
Account and routing numbers
Name on the bank account
5 minutes to enter information; up to 3-5 business days to process

Note: You can continue with these steps during processing.
Add a card and complete the Expanded Use Process
To lift your withdrawal limits and increase buyer confidence.

Note: This will be required if you plan to receive more than €750.00 EUR
Credit card info
Your next card statement
5 minutes
(Processing time: 5-7 days)
3 Implement your preferred payment solution.
Implement your chosen payment solutionLets you start accepting credit card and other paymentsImplementation instructions from PayPal for:
Website Payments Standard
Email Payments
PayPal as an Additional Payment Option
10 minutes – 2 days, depending on the solution
Take the first step: Sign up for a PayPal Business Account Sign Up Now