Samba, Brazilian popular music and dancing.

Explore the Rio nightlife with PayPal.

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Taxis at your fingertips

The fastest and easiest way to get to restaurants and bars. Call the nearest taxi in just 2 clicks and "meet" the taxi driver before he arrives. Pay securely using the 99Taxis app.

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The best concerts and events in Rio

Buy your tickets online to watch Maria Rita and some of the best cultural, sporting and entertainment events in Rio.

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The true Carioca experience

Book your rides to the best events in town- get to know the top bars and live experiences.

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Turn up the volume and let's samba dance.

Enjoy the sounds of samba, pagode, bossa nova and MPB at Lapa and listen to live bands jam. To move around, ride with 99Taxis and pay in a couple clicks using PayPal. Check out the samba schools and delight in a feast of your senses - costumes every color of the rainbow, the beat of high heels, and lighting fast swing of their hips. Dance, sing along and make live a true Carioca experience.