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Why did I get result code 125?

PayPal returned result code 125 - Declined by Fraud Service.

Transactions failed one or more of the fraud filters that are currently deployed on your account.

Here's how to prevent future transactions from being declined:
  1. Log in to your PayPal Manager account.
  2. Click Service Settings.
  3. Click Live Setup.
  4. Click Edit Standard Filters.
  5. Select the filters you want to modify and change the Filter Action from Reject to Review. (If you no longer want the filter deployed, deselect the check box under ON/OFF next to the filter.)
  6. Click Deploy.
  7. Click Deploy Active Mode to implement your changes.
Note: Any changes to your filter settings may take up to one hour to take effect.

After you change the filter action from Reject to Review, transactions that fail a filter will generate result code 126, “Under review by Fraud Service.”  For details, see Why did I get Result Code 126?

Note: Customers checking out using a Payflow Link hosted page will see the following messages:
  • Some required information is missing or incorrect. Please correct the fields below and try again.
  • Error: There is a problem with your card. Please verify card details with your bank.

See also:
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