Your data is precious.
We treat it that way.

At PayPal, we handle your data with care. Here’s how we use and protect your information – and help keep you in control.

Your data is yours. That’s our promise.

At PayPal, we’re committed to being clear on the information we hold about you and why – and we make it easy for you to manage it at any time. Here’s the kind of data we hold and what it’s used for:

Personal identity data

Details like your name, email, home address, phone number and date of birth help us to confirm who you are and to deliver our world-class fraud protection.

Personal financial data

Adding your funding source (e.g. card) details to your PayPal account enables you to check out, make payments and send funds more easily, in just a few clicks.

Personal transaction history

If we know where you like to buy and sell, we’re better able to recognise fraudulent behaviour and protect your account. We’re also able to offer you products and promotions that interest you – and less of those that don’t.

Greater control. That’s our promise too.

Manage what you share, how it’s used, and what you receive from us.
Any time you want to see, change or delete information stored on your account – or even transfer it to another online payment provider – simply contact us.

What you see online and why.

You might see PayPal content when browsing online. This appears because the data you choose to share with us tells us which PayPal products, services and promotions you’ll find useful and interesting. We might use cookies to show you this content while you’re browsing online, or use your email address to show you personalised content when you’re logged in to other accounts, such as email and social media. We do this to improve your online experience. Watch our video to find out more.

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Choose what you receive, and how you receive it.

Sometimes we’ll need to contact you about your account and payment activity.
Other times, we’ll send you offers and promotions that may interest you. What you receive from us and how – by email, text, or through our app – is up to you. Here’s what we’ll send:


Some notifications – such as transaction receipts and changes to your account – are necessary so can’t be switched off, but in some cases you can choose how you receive them. Our Terms and Conditions updates can only be sent by email.

Relevant updates

We’ll send you News on our products and services and Offers from our partners. We may also invite you to take part in Surveys to help us improve your PayPal experience. We’ll share personalised updates we think you’ll find most useful – you can manage what you receive at any time.

Let’s make things personal.

We want to keep the offers and promotions you see from PayPal relevant and interesting.
That’s why we use details – such as your transaction data – to understand what you like to buy and sell, and then tailor what we show you so it’s more personal to you. We call this interest-based marketing, and here’s how you can control when it happens:

Interest-based marketing on the PayPal site

Choose whether or not the PayPal offers and promotions you see when logged in to your PayPal account are personalised to you. Without interest-based marketing, you’ll still see PayPal offers and promotions, but you might not find them as useful.

Interest-based marketing in your other accounts.

Choose whether or not the PayPal offers and promotions you see when logged in to your other online accounts – such as email and social media – are personalised to you. Without interest-based marketing, you might still see PayPal offers and promotions, but you may not find them as useful.

Stay informed.

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation – or GDPR for short – came into force across Europe. The way we treat your data, and the control we aim to give you over the way it’s used, is consistent with the principles of the GDPR. We are taking this opportunity to enhance your experience, and will continue to update you on any changes to our User Agreement and Privacy Statement.