How do I prove that I've sent an item to the buyer?

If a buyer opens a dispute or claim regarding an item they didn’t receive, you may be required to provide the proof that you’ve already sent the item to the buyer. One way to show that proof is to use a carrier with online tracking. The recipient's name and address in the online tracking information must match those displayed in your Transaction Details page. For transactions involving items worth $750USD (or its equivalent in other currencies) or more, please also keep an online receipt with the recipient’s signature as proof of delivery.

It's important to meet the postage requirement for you to be eligible for Seller Protection. If the buyer demands that you deliver to an address different from the one in the Transaction Details page, we suggest that you contact the buyer to arrange a refund and make a new payment with the correct delivery address. You can view the detailed postage requirements related to Seller Protection in our User Agreement.

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