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Miami to Mexico City. San Francisco to Santiago. Boston to Bogota. You can send payments to anyone almost anywhere in the world with PayPal. All you need is their email address. Sending payments abroad has never been easier.


Enter your recipient’s email address. They don’t need a PayPal account.


Enter an amount and send payments from your computer.


Track your transactions in your account activity.

Pay for goods or services

With cero costs for you, only the seller pays a fee. Plus, you're covered by PayPal Purchase Protection.

Payments at the speed of light.

We make it quick. Super quick. In most cases, whoever you transfer funds to can start using it within seconds. We think that’s pretty awesome.

As easy as an email.

All you need is the email address of the person you’re sending payments to. You don’t need any of their bank details. That means you can forget asking them for sort codes, account numbers, IBANs and SWIFTs. Now that’s payments made easy.

“I recently moved to the United States… PayPal offers a very convenient way to send payments back to my family in Santiago.”

Son living abroad

“It's accessible to everyone and you don't have to give out bank details - so it offers more peace of mind.”

Satisfied sender

“With PayPal I can send payments right from my computer and the B&B in Costa Rica gets the money immediately- no need to go to the bank”

Busy traveler

Send payments around the world.

Whoever you’re sending payments to doesn’t need to have a PayPal account. We’re available in at least 25 currencies and 202 countries.

We’re here for you, wherever you are and wherever they are.

Peace of mind.

Transferring payments abroad through PayPal is safer than sending cash or giving others your bank details. Every transaction is protected by our world-class fraud protection, 24-hour monitoring and advanced encryption.

More about security

Sending payments abroad just got easier.

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