Withdraw your funds in a few simple steps.
Withdraw your funds


Go to your Davivienda account and look for PayPal to link your PayPal and Davivienda accounts.


Transfer the desired amount from your PayPal to your Davivienda account.


Withdraw your funds from your bank account.

Sell around the globe.

Run all your transactions securely and smoothly from one place. We help protect buyers, sellers, businesses, and all sorts of different payment methods. So receive and spend money all over the place. We've got your back while you do.

PayPal’s global network

Buy or sell around the globe. We process and convert 25 currencies from 202 countries to make sending, spending, and selling simple and secure.

Transfer funds

Transfer your PayPal funds directly to your bank account and withdraw the funds in pesos.

Multiple payment options

Accept all major credit cards on your website when you add PayPal to your website.

Superior security

From fraud protection to 24-hour monitoring and advanced encryption, protecting your business is serious business to us.

Simple and transparent pricing.

Davivienda Fees:
$10.00 for withdrawals up to $10,000.00 USD
Minimum transfer value is $14.00 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements I need to meet to use the service?

To use this service, you must have the following:
  • Have a PayPal account
  • Have an online banking account with Davivienda
  • Link your PayPal and Davivienda accounts

How do I link my accounts?

  1. Access your Davivienda online banking account
  2. Choose the PayPal option
  3. Follow the steps to link your Davivienda and PayPal accounts

How do I make a withdrawal?

  1. Go to Davivienda.com and access your account
  2. Choose the PayPal option
  3. Click on the transfer option

How long until I receive the funds in my Davivienda account?

You will receive the funds in your Davivienda account in six days or less. should also email supports product sales. Otherwise, the transfer will not be effective.

Is there a limit for transfer of funds?

Yes, the maximum amount per transaction is $10,000.00 USD and the minimum transfer value is $14.00 USD.

Is there a fee for using this service?

Yes, there is a charge of $10.00 USD plus tax for each withdrawal transaction, regardless of the amount of the withdrawal.

How do I open a Davivienda account?

To open a Davivienda bank account, you may visit any branch location.

How do I contact Customer Service?

For questions regarding this service you may contact PayPal at:
Or Davivienda at:

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