Create your own link to receive online payments.

Simply register a PayPal.Me link unique to you or your business. Share your link with anyone who needs to make a payment and get paid in an instant.

Create a PayPal.Me Link

Get paid like a business even if you don’t have a website.

With PayPal.Me you can share your link with customers, clients, and friends. Complete your sales in real-time, without having to log in to request a payment or share your banking information.

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Share your PayPal.Me linkHow does PayPal.Me work?

1Grab your own linkCreate a custom web link using your name or the name of your business, so your customers can easily recognize it.2Share your linkShare your custom web link by text, email, chat or social media. You can include the amount you wish to request within the URL3Get paid in an instantYou will be notified as soon as the payment is complete, and can withdraw those funds or use them to make purchases with PayPal.

Built for modern business.

PayPal.Me delivers all the benefits of using PayPal as a payments platform, plus the flexibility to work online or on the go.

For the independent worker

Do you need your customers to pay before you start working? Share your PayPal.Me link so you can get paid right away.

For sellers on social networks

Do you manage your business through social networks like Facebook? With your PayPal.Me link, your customers will be able to pay you online in real-time.

Pay only when you make a sale

There are no monthly services fees to use and share your PayPal.Me link. You will only pay a small commission when your receive a payment from a customer.

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