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Pricing - PayPal

When it's free and when there's a fee


    Always Free

    PayPal is free whenever you use it to buy something. The seller pays us a small fee to securely handle your payment. *


    Always Free

    There’s no charge to withdraw money from your PayPal balance to your US bank account.


    Small Fee

    PayPal fees mainly apply to sellers, who pay a 5.4% transaction fee on the total sale amount plus a $0.30 fee per transaction. If you're a business, see PayPal Merchant Fees for discounted rates and other pricing info.

    Discounted Merchant Rate 4.4%

* If your transaction requires a currency conversion, we will use a retail exchange rate (the wholesale cost of foreign currency as determined by an outside financial institution) plus a conversion service charge of 3.5%. PayPal will always provide information at checkout on transactions that include a currency conversion. The currency conversion rate will be displayed each time you:

- Send a payment in a non-local currency.

- Accept and automatically convert a payment to your primary currency.

- Transfer funds between currency balances.